Rediscovering Your Destiny

Discover God's Plan to your Life | taught by Andre J. Benjamin
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Andre J. Benjamin
Andre J. Benjamin
Author, Speaker, Coach & Host CEO of Destiny Podcast

About the instructor

Andre J. Benjamin is an author and thought leader in motivational teaching, entrepreneurial education, leadership development and classroom management.

He has helped train teachers in classroom management, differentiated instruction and parents in identifying their child’s learning styles and abilities.

His published titles include “It’s Your Future: 25 Rules for Success In and Out of the Classroom” and “Conquer the Recession: Stories of Success from the Great Depression" and "Restoring Your Family Altar".

Andre is a professional transformational speaker conducting keynotes seminars and trainings at schools organizations and businesses.

He is most proudly the husband of the amazing Ambra and father of Zephaniah and Zara.

He is available to speak to your schools organizations or companies.

He is a big comic book movie fan and believes his skeleton is composed of adamantium.

Feel free to contact me at or visit my website

This course is designed to re-trace and re-awakened the normal destiny seeds that are residing within your heart. This class will assist those both who knows God and doesn’t know God. This course is organized to help you discover God’s plan to your life. Let us begin the journey of rediscovering your destiny.

Discover God's Plan to Your Life

This course helps those persons that feels trapped in routine job that seems dead end, friendships that aren't bring challenges and growth. Those persons that wants clarity as to why they are here and where they are going and how they can make an impact.

What You'll Learn

This course will help you learn to discover the key to recover wasted years and manifest your dreams.

Get Started Today

Let's start our journey today of rediscovering your destiny to allow the Move from Being as Zig Ziglar says don't become a wandering generality but be a meaningful specific in their life.

Course Contents

9 Videos

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Rediscovering Your Destiny
Module 2: What is Destiny?
Module 3: 5 Questions
Module 4: The Potential Principle and Seed
Module 5: Writing Out the Plan
Module 6: Removing Obsctacle to the Plan
Module 7: Gift Unlocking
Module 8: Executing Gift